DANA Diabecare R Insulin Pump

The DANA R System:

  • A very small & light pump
  • Remote with integrated BG meter
  • Results downloadable to PC by wireless connection
  • Complete remote control via Android Devices

The DANA Diabecare R Remote System is one of the most intelligent glucose management systems in the world.

Glucose Meter integrated into the Remote Control.

The Remote Control of the DANA Diabecare R has an integral glucose meter which automatically sends your test results to the insulin pump through the wireless communication system – no need to carry around an additional meter to measure your blood sugar level.

Full control from the Remote/Android device using wireless communication technology.

You can:

  • Test your blood sugar level.
  • Calculate your carbohydrates and bolus whatever you want.
  • Adjust or temporarily reset your basal rates.
  • Check and review your histories.

The wireless communication of test results simplifies diabetes management by eliminating extra button presses and by enabling you to calculate your bolus dose automatically.

The smallest, lightest conventional insulin pump system …and waterproof too!

Size:     75mm x 45mm x 19mm

Weight:  63g (including battery)

The DANA Diabecare R is still the smallest and lightest insulin pump system offering a 300 unit insulin capacity, in addition to which it has an IPX-8 waterproof specification.

The DANA Diabecare R Insulin pump system is only available through the NHS please discuss the applicability of this treatment option with your diabetes care team.


Dr Soo Bong Choi, an endocrinologist with 30 years experience treating both Type 1 and Type 2 patients, designed the DANA Diabecare insulin pump series.

The DANA Diabecare series provides diabetes care for over 50,000 users in 47 countries.

Sooil have been refining their insulin pump technology for over 30 years and have the longest history of insulin pump manufacture.