COVID-19 Update

We want you to know what Advanced Therapeutics (UK) Ltd has done with regards to ensuring care, support and supplies for your insulin pump continue during this tumultuous time. COVID – 19 has quickly become a major global disruption and understandably people are concerned about the availability of supplies for their medical devices, amongst other daily essentials.

We want to reassure you that as of the writing of this letter we have had no warnings of supply issues and are able to receive stock in a timely, standard manner. We have increased our stock holding, and have more orders with our suppliers already placed.

We have spoken with DPD, our couriers, and they have assured us that deliveries are continuing as normal. They have also pointed to their sister company in Italy that has continued to run throughout the quarantine and is still operating today.

Regardless of this, we are considering our options and working to make sure we have worst case scenario contingency plans.

We are following the advice of Public Health England for employers and businesses, and as per PHEs online COVID-19 guidance, there is no perceived increase in risk from handling post or freight from specified areas at this point.

Due to the potential for over-ordering of consumables causing issues in our ability to supply all of our customers with the goods that they need, we have introduced a limit on ordering to 3 months’ supply at any one time. This will not affect the great majority of users who are used to ordering in 3 month quantities, but we ask that for those of you where this will be a departure from the norm to please understand that this practice will ensure that not only all customers are covered now but also moving forward in these uncertain times.

Whilst we see no reason that the availability of our insulin pump consumables should change, we do advise that users have back-up insulin pens readily available, both fast acting and long acting, as is standard practice when using an insulin pump.

Thank you for working with us at this time.

Yours sincerely,

John Hughes

Managing Director