Training and Support

Advanced Therapeutics provide:

  • Total support service – not just product provision
  • High quality, easy to use pumps to suit individual needs
  • Knowledgeable, committed, highly skilled trainers
  • Advice on patient selection/suitability, development of business cases, protocols, etc.
  • Comprehensive commitment to initial and ongoing training and support (for both patients and professionals)
  • Working in partnership with the Medical and Nursing teams to ensure success
  • Competitive prices for pumps and consumables
  • Commitment to excellent customer service

For patients and diabetes teams

Initial Training Programme

  • Pump trainers to assist with initial training and ongoing support
  • Medical and nursing approval a must prior to training
  • One to two days initial training for patients
  • 1-2 days for the diabetes team-includes wearing the pump

Follow up

  • Daily telephone follow up for one to two weeks following the initial training
  • Once weekly for the following three weeks
  • Emergency contact 24hr/day – 7 days/week by ATUK trainers
  • Patient refresher days
  • Carbohydrate counting workshops
  • Professional symposia/seminars
  • Professional visits to European centres of excellence
  • Support for PUMP training courses & Symposia
  • Help to obtain PCT funding, develop pump protocols etc