Advanced Therapeutics UK Limited (ATUK) are a UK wide distributor of specialist medical devices that meet real clinical needs, simplify therapy and improve quality of life, based in Warwick in the West Midlands.

ATUK are the exclusive UK distributor for Dario™, a product range by Labstyle Innovations Corp built around a cloud based Diabetes Management System. Dario is designed with convenience, efficiency and results in mind, providing the perfect solution to diabetes management and putting it in the palm of the user. Alongside this ATUK are also the UK’s sole distributor for Sooil’s DANA Diabecare® insulin pump, the smallest and lightest of its class. These innovative products all work to improve patient health, provide a flexibility of lifestyle and achieve good clinical outcomes.

Advanced Therapeutics (UK) Ltd provide high quality training and support to diabetes teams and patients, having the flexibility to be able to offer an efficient, reliable and yet friendly service.  The 24 hour technical support is provided by a UK based team, with 24 hour clinical support offered where needed. Advanced Therapeutics (UK) Ltd take pride in their ethos of working within the highest ethical and moral standards.

As an organisation, we pride ourselves on a ‘small and friendly’ approach, having the flexibility to be able to offer customers a quick, reliable and friendly service. We have a reputation amongst our existing customer base for great teamwork, advanced product knowledge and levels of service which are often proven to exceed those of our closest competitors.

John Hughes

Managing Director

John Hughes has over 20 years experience in the diabetes industry, having set up Lifescan in the UK, and having worked for such organisations as Abbott Laboratories (Medisense blood glucose monitoring) and Novo Nordisk.

John was also involved in the earliest insulin infusion delivery systems and was a key player in re-establishing Insulin Pump Therapy in the UK by setting up the UK subsidiary of Diesetronic Medical Systems Ltd. in 1999.