First you need to discuss pump therapy with your diabetes team.  If it is decided that you would benefit from pump therapy, you may first need to undertake a program of flexible (multiple) injection therapy, including carbohydrate counting.  If your control does not improve sufficiently, pump therapy may then be offered.

Pumps are funded through your Primary Care Trust, based on a clinical decision made by your diabetes consultant.

In order for the NHS to fund an Insulin Pump you must conform to the NICE (the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) Guidelines.

NICE publishes three versions of its technology appraisal guidance. You can download these documents as follows:


Note: If you conform with the criteria contained within the NICE Guidelines and are having difficulty in obtaining the approval or your diabetes care team or securing funding from your Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), you may wish to contact INPUT Patient Advocacy for advice and support.