Diabetes is a daily challenge. A relentless rollercoaster of blood sugar changes and monitoring the impact of every meal and mood swing. And you never have a day off.

Now imagine checking your blood sugar the same way you check everything else in your life – on your mobile device.

Dario is a personalised, pocket-sized all-in-one glucose meter that lets you monitor blood sugar levels wherever you are in seconds on our easy-to-use mobile application.

Dario combines a glucose meter that plugs directly into any smart mobile device with personalised information and support to make life easier for people with diabetes.





Dario provides professional and family caregivers with real-time and progressive monitoring of sugar levels and insights into their patient’s health status and progress. By enabling easy and effective data management Dario ensures easier patient compliance and improved quality of care. The Dario real time and progressive monitoring assists in facilitating clinical decisions. The Caregiver portal is being developed in order to assist caregivers to monitor their patients quickly and easily and enable more effective intervention as necessary.