DANA Diabecare RS Insulin Pump

The DANA RS System:

  • Incredibly small and light
  • Complete remote control with both Android and IOS devices
  • Safe and Secure BLE connection
  • Inter-operable Artificial Pancreas Enabled

The DANA Diabecare RS System is one of the most intelligent glucose management systems in the world.


Dr Soo Bong Choi, an endocrinologist with 30 years experience treating both Type 1 and Type 2 patients, designed the DANA Diabecare insulin pump series.

The DANA Diabecare series provides diabetes care for over 50,000 users in 47 countries.

Sooil have been refining their insulin pump technology for over 30 years and have the longest history of insulin pump manufacture.

To discuss in more detail, give us a call: 01926 833 273, or ask your hospital care team about the DANA pumps.